Hardware Design

Unique expertise in building embedded systems with sensors, embedded processing (microcontrollers), and wired and wireless communication

Our Expertise

Intellectsoft IoT Lab offers turnkey design services for development of connected sensor applications from initial prototype to design for manufacturing to firmware development, order fulfillment and quality control. Most importantly, true to its IS360 model, Intellectsoft handles all challenges connected to integration into the existing technology stack for your complete custom solution and flawless performance.

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Our services include

  • Rapid prototyping for market testing
  • Custom firmware development
  • Algorithm optimization to eliminate constraints to bandwidth, battery life and compute
  • AI on the edge
  • Real-time application
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • Assistance with fab selection
  • Assistance with order fulfillment and quality control
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We build

Smart (and not so smart) wearables Icon

Smart (and not so smart) wearables

Industrial / home automation controllers Icon

Industrial / home automation controllers

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Security cameras

Health monitoring devices Icon

Health monitoring devices

Sports and activity trackers Icon

Sports and activity trackers

Connected consumer products Icon

Connected consumer products

Constrained sensor edge devices (class 0-2) Icon

Constrained sensor edge devices (class 0-2)

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Connected production facilities

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Environmental sensors

Our Clients

Established companies and Fortune 500 enterprises trust our solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Smart Fridges
Smart fridges solution for offices of any size
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Medical Asset Management
Inventory app that helps hospitals manage equipment
View Project
My Calendar
Smart watch app that improves time management
View Project
Tracking Solution
Solution that helps track many personal assets
View Project
Lysn In
Creative, easy-to-use event management app
View Project

Start bringing your idea to life.

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Our technical knowledge spans across

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  • Health, environmental and motion sensors
  • Major 16- and 32-bit MCUs
  • Short and long range communication protocols (NFC, PAN, WLAN, LPWAN)
  • AI ASICs (Intel Movidius), FPGAs
  • Multimodal HMI (gesture, touch, speech, haptics)
  • Energy harvesting
  • Custom peripherals
  • Antenna design

Why building Hardware with Intellectsoft

Algorithms defining embedded software are the core essence of any wearable or IOT device. Flawless hardware is a crucial environment for embedded software to thrive. It is the beautiful and innovative unison of these two that makes customers fall in love with your products and become loyal brand ambassadors. All those boards, antennas, communication modules, microcontrollers, video cameras, actuators, batteries, HMI panels and a myriad of different sensors - represent and control real physical assets, they collect the necessary information about the environment, exchange that information with other connected devices and sometimes even make autonomous decisions. Packed into rugged enclosures or slim fashion cases, these masterfully designed devices married carrying the skillfully engineered software become the Ts in the IoT.

Accelerating time-to-market

Development flow

Build a Reliable IoT Ecosystem
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