Embedded Software Development

Experienced software developers and hardware engineers alike, our experts deliver secure, industry-specific embedded software development solutions of any complexity.

Our Services

  • Custom Embedded System Development
  • Android Firmware
  • Product Prototyping
  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Device Management
  • SDK Development
  • Inter-device Data Exchange Protocols
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Areas of Focus

Smart hotel systems Icon

Smart hotel systems

Smart car systems Icon

Smart car systems

Vending machines Icon

Vending machines

Robotic devices Icon

Robotic devices

Smart watches Icon

Smart watches

Smart TV systems Icon

Smart TV systems

Interactive displays Icon

Interactive displays

Security systems Icon

Security systems

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Our Clients

Established companies and Fortune 500 enterprises trust our solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Smart Fridges
Smart fridges solution for offices of any size
View Project
Medical Asset Management
Inventory app that helps hospitals manage equipment
View Project
My Calendar
Smart watch app that improves time management
View Project
Tracking Solution
Solution that helps track many personal assets
View Project
Lysn In
Creative, easy-to-use event management app
View Project

IoT Platforms & Technologies

Android Things Icon

Android Things

AWS IoT Icon


Google Cloud IoT Icon

Google Cloud IoT

Embedded Linux Icon

Embedded Linux

Android Firmware Icon

Android Firmware

Android Auto Icon

Android Auto

WearOS Icon


Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Icon

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Samsung ARTIK Icon

Samsung ARTIK

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Riot OS Icon

Riot OS

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Contiki OS Icon

Contiki OS

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Build a Reliable IoT Ecosystem
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