Custom Android Firmware Development

Our team will help you leverage the vast possibilities of embedded Android OS on custom devices.

Our Expertise

We can help you create an interactive hotel room system, kiosk device, vending machine, and even a robot guide for your office. The lab’s experience in custom Android firmware development is next to limitless — we can help you bring your boldest ideas to life.

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Custom Android OS Development

We have over 5 years of experience in developing solutions with custom Android OS for various types of hardware. Our engineers can help you outsource an embedded Android part, connect third-party devices, and allow you to use Android in full by enabling in-depth control over apps, "root"-like access to system resources, automation tools for device deployment, and other possibilities.

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Our Clients

Established companies and Fortune 500 enterprises trust our solutions.

Selected Case Studies

Smart Fridges
Smart fridges solution for offices of any size
View Project
Medical Asset Management
Inventory app that helps hospitals manage equipment
View Project
My Calendar
Smart watch app that improves time management
View Project
Tracking Solution
Solution that helps track many personal assets
View Project
Lysn In
Creative, easy-to-use event management app
View Project

Start bringing your idea to life.

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Embedded Android Devices Use Cases

Smart hotel systems Image

Smart hotel systems

  • All-in-one scalable smart room solution
  • Smart room app for guests
  • Mobile tool for personnel

Benefits for Your Business

  1. One solution that includes rich-featured mobile tools for guests and staff, Big Data dashboard for owners, integrated support capabilities, and device management.
  2. Improved guest experience: guest can use a branded app to control the majority of amenities, order services, and access essential information.
  3. Higher employee efficiency: a mobile tool allows staff members get important notifications, access to-do-lists on-the-go, and communicate with each other.
In-store interactive displays Image

In-store interactive displays

  • Smart mirrors
  • In-store navigation
  • Context-enabled product catalogs

Benefits for Your Business

  1. Valuable first-hand insights into customer behaviour.
  2. Higher brand recognition through use of latest tech.
  3. Fresh and exciting way to present content.
Next-generation vending machines Image

Next-generation vending machines

  • Highly customised OS without third-party apps
  • Highly responsive touch screen interfaces
  • Integrated cameras

Benefits for Your Business

  1. New but familiar user experience for customers.
  2. First-hand insights on how customers react to UX, and how much time and effort the purchase takes.
  3. Embedded Android runs on many modern hardware platforms and gives you wide capabilities in device fleet management, with quick and easy scalability.
TV boxes & Smart TV systems Image

TV boxes & Smart TV systems

  • You can configure, monitor, and remotely control a fleet of TV boxes and smart systems
  • Full control over processes on screen
  • Devices can be restricted to specific use cases
  • Administrative functions can be limited or disabled
  • Android TV can be connected to the CMS of your choice

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